Beekeeper Calendar : September


Now What?

Here in the south of Mississippi it is still blazing hot in September. Many of our comrades in other areas are watching the goldenrod begin to bloom and those in Canada are prepping for winter! Here we are still waiting on goldenrod so be sure to tidy your apiary and prep your equipment. 
  • Feed pollen substitute/ mix 

    September (mid -August as well) is the time when your bees are making the bees that will last through the Winter months. These bees should be well fed so that their bodies are able to not only survive Winter but start the new brood of Spring. Take a look at what's blooming and at the pollen stores to see just what do they have to work with.
  • Check Honey stores

    I look at July, August and September as a mild winter as far as the colony consuming stores. They have little blooming and need to consume what you did not pull as harvest. You may need to feed. A stressed hive can abscond.
    • Check Colonies are Queen right 

      Your Queen has been a laying machine for the last few months! If you are queen-less you might be able to still buy one with a bit of effort. But if you find cells don't knock them down. It is not too late for a virgin to fly and make it back mated!


  • Prep supers for the fall flow

    All hives need to be able to gather their winter stores. 


  • Replace SHB Traps 

    Clean out traps and/or replace  - as bee populations slow SHB can increase


  • Place Propolis Traps

    Who is your stickiest hive?





      Clean Deadouts

    • Render wax cappings for storage or Crafts

    Best practice is to freeze wax that cannot be rendered in a few days. Freezing will kill any SHB or wax moth.  


    I do not use any mite treatments. You should always be aware of your pest load and make decisions accordingly.