COVID 19 and Nuc Pick ups

We hope you all are well and safe!
These unfortunate circumstances call for patience and care so that we all can stay happy and healthy beekeepers. If you purchased a nuc(s), below you will find the planned procedure to pick up your nuc(s).
Queen shipments are at this time still on schedule😀
We are taking extra care so we can get back to a more "normal" way of living and we hope you do as well. We truly believe your health and welfare are as important as ours.The CDC is recommending wearing masks when in public.
 Ours has proven to be a small planet.🌈
buttercups and bee hives
Buttercups in the mating yard

Some customers have asked to stand-down on nuc pick-ups. If you wish to postpone pick-up, it is very well with us. We will care for your bees and await your contact.
We are operating under USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services ‘Operational Bio-security Protocols’.
To minimize contamination, we are not accepting payments of balances due at pickup.
Please submit balances due via;
Venmo: @TaylorTroyButts
Check to; Troy Butts 1520 Timber Lane Rd. Gautier MS 39553-3112
Again, please submit balance due prior to pickup.

Pick-up location; To be announced via e-mail.
Pick-up date; As scheduled per order
Pickup times: 6am-9am.
Pickup instructions;
Please, only one person/party load at a time.
You will drive forward until you see your nucs labeled with your name.
You will exit your vehicle, secure your own nucs and exit for the next person.
Do not exit your vehicle until you are loading your nucs.
To clear checkpoints, if you are in a shelter in place or quarantine order, you must state that you are preforming an agricultural task with a MS state registered agricultural facility.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience.
Stay Safe, Stay Positive!