☯ Beekeeping Tip #11

drawing of a bee

Don't join that beekeeper's forum!

Wait! That goes against everything you're hearing! 
Well, maybe and maybe not.
New keepers are told to find a club or mentor. If you want to do this it can be reassuring during the first year of beekeeping. We live with the internet, the world at our fingertips. But do we have to join every group out there?

I completely agree with the idea of learning and learning from others. However, I find that this forum life of trying to push beliefs or ideas on others, the fighting over management is disturbing. I think new beeks need to remember that there are many opinions and methods out there. The guy that can text the fastest is not always the right guy. Perhaps the guys with most posts are not the right guys! The gal who is on when you post may be just wanting to further her blog.

Use the forum and internet wisely. If someone answers your post, check out who they are. Do they have thriving hives? Are they in your same environment? Yes, they can be from the North Pole and still help you ! My point is don't be bullied and consider all answers.

If you have a competent club or mentor or one online class, stick to it for now. Read and study on your own . Let the forums alone and learn in peace.They will be there when you are ready.

Remember, when you meet someone who tells you they know it all.....
they probably DON"T!

queen bee on a frame of bees