10 Reasons to be a Beekeeper

Beekeepers arm in arm in the setting sun

There are as many reasons to be a beekeeper as there are beekeepers. I imagine they are wide and varied and probably surprising. For many of us, it is not just one reason but a combination of reasons that converge to bring us to the art of beekeeping. This is but ten of them.

1. Zen ☯

That's right, zen. It is the practice of being in the moment. Not worrying about the future nor fretting about the past. Some like to call it the zone.
When in the hives or observing them I get in the moment. There is a lot of talk about mindfulness, bees help bring it home. The sounds and smells of the hives bring on a type of therapy. The workings of the bees bring one to the conclusion that, although I am there to "work" the bees, it is only through their way do things actually get done.
I feel bees are my zen and could help anyone on their path to zen as well.

2. Save the Bees

Trendy now but still of serious importance!
Beekeeping brings home the importance of this pollinator and if you are really in tune, the thousands of other pollinators too. Honeybees are the poster child for the eco activists at the moment. So you, too, can help out. By keeping bees it allows bees safe havens away from mono-culture and other commercial mechanisms that may work to the demise of the bee. Bees in many places helps keep diverse genetics in the gene pool. You may just discover the idea of the century that saves the bees!

Honey bees in the hive

3.Thrill of Learning

For those that are perpetual students beekeeping makes a great fit.
Even the "experts" are continuously learning about the bees. There are wonderful learning levels that you can choose to go through formally or just keep seeking knowledge at the hive.
I find it thrilling to read studies and realize that I have seen this behavior, or what ever, in my apiary or hives. On the less formal side of learning, the bees have a way of opening our eyes and senses to the world that were once closed or veiled.

4.Possible Side Hustle

Money, Honey!

It may not make you $20,000 in your backyard but it could give you an extra income. While there is more to it , collecting bees as rescue or 'pest control' can be done for a fee. Selling not only honey but other hive products is another avenue.
Let your entrepreneurial mind run with this and the possibilities are huge.

5. Honey

jar of honey in the sun

O.K. so 5,6,and 7 may be rolled into one. But I see them as individual because of their individual properties.
Honey is a medicine! It is as sweetener, as well, but for me the health of it is it's draw. Honey doesn't spoil. It can be used as a facial or first aid. The anti-bacterial properties are amazing.
You can give honey as gifts! Make friends with that creepy neighbor or impress your boss.

6. Propolis

Another medicinal of the hive. It is being researched as a cure? to cancer and used in many other maladies. It can be sold raw or made into tinctures. 

7.  Wax

Think lip balm and candles! Beeswax candles were once ONLY for the kings or the Church. Now you can partake of this amazing sustainable resource. Beeswax burns brightest and cleanest of all waxes.
Even if you aren't crafty you can sell bulk wax to many bee outfits.
a set of beeswax candles with small purple flower

8. Pollination

flowers of all colors

If you have any gardens, this is a much relied on source of pollination. Native pollinators are in trouble and you can supplement with honey bees. 
Production can increase as much as 30%, as long as they are the right pollinator for the job.
Who doesn't want that!?!?

9. Small Space Requirement

bee hives on rooftop
Arno Friebes/Civil Eats

Roof top hives, anyone?
Hives need a very small space and as long as your community doesn't have any crazy anti- bee laws, you can put them anywhere....with few exceptions.
Use your imagination!

10. Everyone Can Do It

YES! Everyone!!
People from all walks of life can be beekeepers. Any limitations can be overcome with a little thought and some ingenuity.

So there you have it!
Are you ready?
As Bob the Builder would say " Yes, we can!"