☯ Beekeeping Tip #8

To Paint or Not to Paint Boxes.

We use Langstroth for the moment and it is a usual query, should we paint them?. Being anti anything that might harm or pollute the bees or their dwelling, we have found the optimal solution. Boiled flaxseed oil. Also known as linseed.

It is natural and has low VOCs if any. Linseed is readily available and protects wood of all kinds. It can be re-applied many times without the build up or flaking that paint does. I have found that the bees are at home in their natural wood hives.
Another nice attribute of linseed, I apply it just before use and in the field. The dry time is hours not days. I do not worry about flaking paint near my propolis, honey or brood.

I must confess that I love seeing all the beautiful designs on hives! Artists are everywhere! But for the majority of hives, I have a lot, I will stick to linseed.

What do you use?